A kid at Christmas…

I recently made the deciaion to purchase an iPad Mini. After much research, debate, going back and forth, up and down, and every other way possible I finally made my choice and ordered it.

I paid for next day shipping and it was delivered at 11:59am on January 4th according to the alert I received from UPS at 2:00pm. The problem was when I went to retrieve the package it was not there. The package was stolen. The other problem was I was at home when it was delivered but the driver didn’t knock or ring my bell to let me know I had a package, and he didn’t bother to get the required signature when he left the package.

I called my building super, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO), and Apple. Apple apologized and said they would reship a new iPad out and I would have it by the 6th. The super checked the surveillance footage and found it was a neighbor that had taken the delivery. JSO opened a case file and made an arrest within 48 hours. Next problem is when the rep from Apple submitted the reship order the system processed it as a new order and tried to charge my debit card again. Because the charge was declined they didn’t ship my iPad.

After calling 3 times yelling screaming, fussing, asking for a supervisor, calling the Corporate offices, and aking for the supervisor of the supervisor they finally got the order entered correctly and I was assured I would have it by the 8th. It is now Monday the 11th and my shipment sits in Louisville Kentucky and has been there since 1:30am on the 8th.

UPS shows delivery is scheduled for today and this time the driver had better get the signature!!!


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