The State of the Union

Recently President Obama gave the State of the Union address, after watching it I did some thinking. Politics is a complicated business true, but why is it that no one is willing to compromise? We have been in a state of stagnation and distrust ending in almost hatred for both Republicans and Democrats.

     As a free thinking American I choose to care about issues that split my loyalty. I believe in the Constitution. The bill of rights is THE document we live by to define our rights as citizens of this great nation.

     What concerns me most is how BOTH parties are willing to usurp those rights to push their agendas. Since the tragedies of 9/11 we have lost our right to privacy in the name of national security. Eric Snowdon blew the whistle and made the ILLEGAL surveillance of ALL Americans by the CIA into the open and HE is the criminal.

Obama forced us all to pay HUGE prices for his “Affordable” Care Act. Lowering coverages and raising not only prwmiums but also deductibles. My sister and her gamiy have a $1000 per year deductible to keep the premiums down. What is she paying for? Last year she paid premiums and ALL medical care because they didn’t cover the deductible. WAISTED MONEY.

     We the people of the United States, in order to forme a more perfect union… words that meant something deep and honorable. We know our founding fathers fought to create a country “conceived in liberty” but what would they think about the country today? Would they be proud of where we are or would they hang their heads and weep at what we have become?

     I think a little of both. We are the ONLY democracy to have survived so long a tim and yet we seem to be falling apart at the seams. Mistrust, one of the largest homeless populations in the worls, veterans who served honorably begging and living in the streets treated like vermin. These are the men and women who sacrificed their safety and sanity so we can sleep under the blanket of freedom they provided yet we reward them with NOTHING but a blind eye and a snide Remark.

     We should all feel shame for what we have allowed to happen to these brave men and women. Yes they deserve far more than they have gotten. I will be starting a petition to get conhress to declair ANY soldier, sailor, or Marine wounded in combat to NEVER pay a single dime in taxes ever again as well as ask they (congress) set aside money to refurbish hotels or other such buildings to give homeless servicemen a place  they can call home. There are literally THOUSANDS of buildings abandoned that can be converted into homes yet our government sends BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars over seas to help other countries and our homeless are largely ignored. In the state of Florida where I live there are over 5,500 homeless vets, with the national total around 50,000.

    We have failed our heroes. We have allowed them to fall into the gutters and turn into ghosts. It time We the People rise up and do something about it. Pur elected officials have dropped the proverbial ball. If every person gave just 1 dollar to a homeless vet charity we can raise three hundred million dollars to help them find homes for veterans. They deserve nothing less.


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